Should You Spend $25 or $250 on a T-Shirt? Part 2

For most people, a modest budget is a choice made for them by their checking out, while others have more disposable income to work with, but are unsure if doling out the big bucks on their threads is worth it – what does “worth it” even mean in this case? Even the most fashion-forward sartorialists sometimes wonder, “Are designer tees just ridiculously marked up, or is there more to it than that?” Continue reading Should You Spend $25 or $250 on a T-Shirt? Part 2

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Banking

Due to federal money laundering statutes, legal cannabis companies are denied access to common services including credit card processing, loans, and deposit and payroll accounts, because despite marijuana being legal in 33 states as of November 2020, the product is still considered a narcotic at the federal level. Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Banking

Bitcoin, Explained in 5 Minutes

At some point, the world will become one financial infrastructure. In 2008, the U.S. economy collapsed and the rest of the world saw the same downward shift. Our economies are already linked and the economy is global. Bitcoin could very well be that solution for a single financial infrastructure. It is currently still in an experimental stage — year eleven of a global experiment but … Continue reading Bitcoin, Explained in 5 Minutes

The Real Life Costs of the US-China Trade War

Tariffs are taxes on imported goods and President Trump imposed them with the goal of protecting the jobs of blue-collar American workers. But studies show they had the opposite effect — hurting people in rural areas by pushing them to buy more expensive US goods: Tariffs are added tax on imported goods. The idea is that consumers will start to see rising prices on these … Continue reading The Real Life Costs of the US-China Trade War

2020 Economic Outlook

Update: Read the 2021 Economic Outlook here. A quick synopsis of the 2020 global economic outlook — outlining snapshots on key countries, major central bank decisions, key political developments, and the top major risks for the US. The global outlook for 2020 is fragile, with increasing signs that the cyclical downturn of recent years has become entrenched. Trade is weak, confidence is low and businesses … Continue reading 2020 Economic Outlook